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We welcome new Coptis Ingredients' members (January 2018 version):

CARLY Biotechnology, located in Nanjing of China, provides the highest quality and safe ingredients for cosmetic products. Their value : Quality, Healthy and Safety.

CREACHEM’s main activities are the marketing and the application development of INUTEC and RemyTec products. These products are derived from respectively Inulin and Rice Starch. The unique properties of these specialty carbohydrate based products open a variety of possibilities in Personal Care and Industrial Applications.

GOVA INGREDIENTS is a company dedicated to the development of innovative and natural based raw materials for the personal care market. Their raw materials combine innovative concepts and high performance at a reasonable cost.

RN Laboratories was founded end of 2016 and started the operative business in January 2017 with the ambition to be the preferred partner for Chlorhexidine salts, selected API’s and excipients and a range of high quality of services for chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturer.

YANGZHOU JOYVO WEIKEM BIOLOGY : Joyvo is a young Chinese company founded in 2006. They supply high quality ingredients : Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Cationic Conditioner Polymers and Pullulan and full technical consultant service to cosmetics, nutraceuticals and foods industry.

News from Premium members

ALGAKTIV Zen - Millennials and the iGeneration

ALGAKTIV - ALGAKTIV Zen is your oil soluble active to engage Millennials and the iGeneration ; it prevents lifestyle aging and give a sense of wellbeing. Stress and UV are the top two ageing concerns for everyone. Do not hesitate in contacting us at or simply reach out to your local ALGAKTIV distributor to learn more !

CALSIL range

CALDIC France offers you all its range of Calsil silicones for your beauty products (volumes always available). Each Calsil have a specific role to protect the hair and give them softness, make your skincare feel nothing of the oily sensation, neither oily nor sticky during application. They provide the deodorants with a velvety texture and allow them to dry quickly, they maintain on your skin water-resistant sunscreens. Then contact Caldic France to order your Calsil !

The new Dow Consumer Solutions website

The DOW Chemical Company Recently launch is the new Dow Consumer Solutions website. The new site, part of the continued integration of Dow Corning into Dow, replaces and platforms. The new site is aimed to provide a simpler, more enjoyable online experience for customers with new features like a mobile-friendly design, optimized navigation and enhanced search functionality.A short introductory video on the new site is available here. Visit the website at


DSM - For the development of optimal Sunscreen formulation, the DSM SUNSCREEN Optimizer ™ is a free online virtual ‘in-silico’ laboratory, that enables the determination of SPF and UVA-PF performance, extended to Blue light.

Evonik new products

EVONIK - New launched products : •TEGO® Solve 90 and TEGO® Feel C 10 improve the properties of cosmetic products and are made from natural raw materials • TEGO SORB® Conc. 50 is based on castor oil and stops unpleasant odors.

Environment and Sustainability

FLAVEX Naturextrakte Environment and Sustainability - FLAVEX Naturextrakte GmbH has been granted a Silver Recognition Level based on their EcoVadis CSR rating in November 2017. We are aspiring to Gold level in the next months.

New benefits of Megassane®

GIVAUDAN Active Beauty’s marine biotechnology R&D experts have discovered new benefits of Megassane® to act as a skin tone highlighter through proteasome activation. It is the first active ingredient derived from microalgae that can detoxify our skin and give it radiance.

Sustainable development and fair trade

GREENTECH - Sustainable development and fair trade are at the heart of the GREENTECH Group. A long-standing commitment, recently reinforced by the integration of Mapric, an expert in Brazilian biodiversity, and the arrival of a sustainable supply chain manager.


INDENA : Vitachelox® clinically and in vitro proven effective in protecting the skin and its microflora from environmental pollutants, Blue Light oxidative damage, with a measurable reduction in oxidative markers linked to skin damage and wrinkles.

ImerCare® Matte: a superior mattifying effect

IMERYS - ImerCare® Matte is a naturally white kaolin based solution that provides a superior mattifying effect in gels and creams, liquid foundations and pressed powders. Due to its unique morphology, ImerCare® Matte absorbs sebum and confers an immediate matte effect to the skin.


JRS - VIVAPUR CS TEX Wet Wipe - Our new stabilizer is especially developed for Wet wipes. It will help you to stabilize all ingredients and to improve skin feel.


Laboratoires Expanscience : Let’s enjoy Passion fruit benefits with 2 actives : ORMESIA (polyphenols), anti-pollution actor, activates natural self-defense mechanisms to recover a purified skin. PASSIOLINE (unsaponifiables) promotes skin repair & regeneration to erase daily lesions.

LIPOCHROMAN®: Recent studies

LIPOTEC- Recent studies performed on LIPOCHROMAN® molecule demonstrate its protective effect by eliminating xenobiotics and free radicals coming from both the environment and inner body as well as its antioxidant and detox properties.

Bucovia™: a natural bio-guided fractionated active

NATUREX launches Bucovia™, a natural bio-guided fractionated active that effectively supports mouth health. Neither a fungicide nor a bactericide, Bucovia™ regulates Candida albicans virulence factors and fights against biofilm-forming micro-organisms.

The Paracera™ waxes for cosmetics

PARAMELT The Paracera™ waxes for cosmetics are recognized by leading brand owners for high quality and consistent performance. The range consists of petroleum wax blends, natural waxes and specialty narrow-cut materials. The Paracera™ waxes are produced in FSSC 22000 certified food grade facilities. Paramelt is a global manufacturer of specialty wax blends operating eight manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands, UK, USA and China.

Seppic unveils wesource

SEPPIC unveils wesource, its dedicated brand to gather the richness & diversity of its cosmetics active range. By exploring active science to empower beauty we commit to deliver vibrant stories, active ingredients with science & personalized support for everyone, everywhere.

Leniphenol – the new multifunctional ingredient

SINERGA - Leniphenol – the new multifunctional ingredient. Leniphenol is a totally green active ingredient with a synergistic and multifunctional activity : it matches high anti-oxidant and anti-pollution efficacy with a lenitive activity for sensitive skin, while counteracting skin ageing.

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