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We welcome new Coptis Ingredients' members (October 2019 version):

BGG Europe specializes in the development and manufacture of natural actives from botanicals and microalgae.

ELEMENTIS, a global specialty chemicals company driven by scientific innovation to deliver cosmetic ingredients.

HANGZHOU ZHIXIN CHEMICAL specializes in the R&D, production and import & export business of silicone products.

ICHIMARU PHARCOS is developing useful ingredients with little known natural materials, including from plants, animals, and microorganisms.

KRAEBER, a company active in the pharmaceutical cosmercial and diagnostic industry.

Laboratoire BIOMER, the only biotechnology laboratory to offer a patented native marine collagen hydrated

RENMATIX is a global technology licensor enabling the low-cost production of cellulosic sugars from non-food biomass serving chemical and fuels markets.

SALIXIN is a world class manufacturer of COSMOS certified organic willow extract made from special willow species.

News from Premium members

ARKEMA helps ‘Pragati’, the World’s First Sustainable Castor Bean Program, Move to the Next Level

ARKEMA, leader on Nylon 12 market for Cosmetic applications with its well-known ORGASOL® product range is also a world-leading producer of high performance bio-based polymers derived from castor oil offering among others ORGASOL® GREEN TOUCH sensorial powders for skin care and make up applications. ARKEMA is one of the founding members of the Pragati project. Now, ARKEMA and its collaborating partner companies have empowered more than 2,700 Indian farmers in their journey to sustainable castor bean production. The partners are extending the project for another three years (May 2019 to May 2022) with a goal to reach more farmers and encourage more end users

In order to always be able to formulate your Hair Care, Skin Care and Make-Up products containing silicones

Caldic France puts at your disposal its range Calsil and in particular its range of dimethicone, Calsil CL, with different viscosities : from 5 to 100.000 cp, always available in different packaging, samples, documentation and prices on request. As is phenyl trimethicone or Calsil CP20. Do not hesitate to ask us !

As BGG we wildcraft our licorice roots from pristine regions of the Middle East and Asia

to deliver a full range of whitening agents, such as our Glabridin line or soothing agents, such as Licochalcone A, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate, Mono Ammonium Glycyrrhizinate or Enoxolone (18-ß-Glycyrrhetinic Acid) for which BGG, as lead registrant, BGG has collected all data, developed the technical dossier and Chemical Safety Report (CSR) and managed the submission of the registration dossier to ECHA.

Discover the Moonshine range of borosilicate base effect pigments

CRODA : Crodabond CSA is a multipuropose 100% vegetable origin polymer known to smooth the hair fiber. His long-wear property in colour cosmetics and his capacity to improve colour washfastness are now also demonstrated.

ALPAFLOR® Farm to Face program

DSM’s ALPAFLOR® line is fully traceable from farm to face ; from seed to final active certified ECOCERT, COSMOS and NATRUE. Discover our alpine beauties at Salon Cosmetic 360.

New text results on the skin microbiome

Positive effects of ProRenew Complex CLR™ on overall skin health were now also proven in an elaborate in vivo study where its activity on the skin microbiota was determined with 16S rRNA gene sequencing. It supports and protects the skin microbiota against daily stresses and enables the skin microbiota to regain and maintain its healthy balance quicker and more effectively.

ALGYL®, marine guardian of skin barrier functionality

GELYMA combines the properties of 3 red macroalgae, in synergism with organic glycerin, to reinforce skin barriers :
- Outside-in barrier by strengthening the structural basis of the stratum corneum
- Inside-out barrier by improving cellular cohesion and paracellular permeability
- Immune and antioxidant barriers to limit barrier deterioration from environmental aggressions
Visit them booth M4 at Cosmetic 360, and booth 23 at Cosmetagora !

Evonik invests in start-up that makes animal-free leather-like materials

• Modern Meadow produces sustainable biofabricated materials inspired by leather, meeting consumer demand for animal-free products
• In partnership with Modern Meadow, Evonik is bringing collagen production to commercial scale
• Investment strengthens Evonik’s Health & Care growth engine
Find out more

FLAVEX expands its product range with a new active ingredient.

The odorless, EU organic certified Rosemary Antioxidant extract with its antioxidative, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties is suitable for odor-sensitive food products and cosmetics. Learn more and visit FLAVEX at Natexpo at stand B71 in Paris from 20 to 22 October 2019.

Givaudan Active Beauty unveils Naturein™ Wheat Peptides

a clean and sustainable alternative to cationic guar, a key specific detangling ingredient for hair care. This new natural ingredient is obtained from 100% French origin locally-sourced wheat and crafted by green fractionation.

Microbiota-boosting superfruit to reveal a healthy skin glow!

IFF | Lucas Meyer Cosmetics : Inspired by nature, IBR-Dragon® is an eco-designed dragon fruit extract. By improving the skin microbiota, IBR-Dragon® provides a stronger skin barrier that effectively protects the skin leading to a healthy, luminous and radiant skin !

VIVAPUR® CS Sensory 15S

from the JRS ’Home and Personal Care’ business unit is honored as an environmentally friendly innovation for 2019 as alternative to microplastics ! Come and see JRS the 8th October at Cosmebio ingredients and the 16&17th October at the Cosmetic 360 exhibition.

New High Quality Marine Collagen

Laboratoire BIOMER - Our marine collagen (patented) allows an immediate cutaneous passage of collagen peptides for a contribution of + 58% within the skin therefore major efficacy(ex-vivo study). Its structure has crucial characteristics, because presented to human antibodies by our researchers, it has been accepted as its resemblance is almost identical to human dermal embryonic collagen. By its nutritional power, it regenerates the deepest layers, thus, the face finds the plumped of youth, hydrated, smooth and luminous. Ex-vivo study on request.

High quality purified lanolins

Lanolines de la Tossee - Cosmetic trend is orientated on natural products. Decreasing the number of ingredients is now a must. The solution is found in a natural, sustainable and safe ingredient - 100% natural, lanolin is the ideal ingredient for your minimalist formulations. Choosing our high quality purified lanolins to formulate will give you the opportunity to reduce the quantity of ingredients and formulate Safe. Formulations available on request !

An extremophilic bacterium

MIBELLE BIOCHEMISTRY will unveil at Cosmetic360 show (Paris – 16 and 17.10.19) a new active ingredient developed from an extremophilic bacterium recently discovered in Switzerland, which fights against skin aging caused by the lack of sleep via a new biological mechanism.


NATUROCHIM is adding a new oil to its deodorized line of oils : a NAT DEODORIZED APPLE SEED OIL. This oil is manufactured from seeds of Cider apples grown in NORMANDIE (France). With a high Omega 6 and Omega 9 content, it is recommended for dry and mature skins.

Paracera® N-line

The Paracera® N-line is a unique range of waxes. Specifically designed with controlled chemistries and molecular weight distribution to optimize the delivery of their properties.
Paracera N-line grades are produced using a proprietary technology within tight control limits offering an exceptional degree of product consistency and performance repeatability.

HYDRAFENCE™ Beyond hydration

PROVITAL GROUP - In our awareness that by caring for the planet, we are caring for people, we created HYDRAFENCE™ : 120 hours of moisturizing power, 360° wellness, double action and genderless.

COSMOS & Vegan certified organic willow bark extracts

Salixin A/S is a Danish company that develops and produces fermented effective COSMOS & Vegan certified organic willow bark extracts with efficacy for use in the personal care. These willow bark extracts are ideal for use in especially oral care, shampoos and skin care products. Our products are based on willow grown locally in Denmark and we have our own production facility for refining the willow extract – full traceability.

Rheo2Green: COSMOS and NATRUE certified

Schill+Seilacher - Rheo2Green concentrates are based on lauryl glucoside and disodium cocoyl glutamate. Remarkable viscosity of end formulations can be achieved through proper pH selection without polymer thickeners. Rheo2Green products are cold processable, COSMOS and Natrue certified and available in MB quality.

Formulation secrets

Seppic develops full marketing concepts with illustrative formulas meeting current cosmetic trends & looking forward future ones. Let’s share with you it’s formulation secrets with this new powerful search engine online !

Spec-Chem’s Versatile Star Product SpecKare PO: Piroctone Olamine

Nowadays people pay more attention to the safety of the daily use, SpecKare PO : Piroctone Olamine, the best alternative to ZPT, caters for this new trend, this multi-functional ingredient provide formulators more flexibility with its Anti-microbial/-dandruff/-odor/-acne properties.

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