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We welcome new Coptis Ingredients' members (January 2020 version):

ADEKA Corporation is a a Japanese raw materials manufacturer for cosmetics and detergents industries, with more than a century of experience and especially, with expertise of rheology modifier and glycol products,

AGRANAoffers natural certified starches according to COSMOS-standard based on corn, rice or tapioca

Guangrao Liuhe Chemicalis a Chinese company specialized in manufacturing guar gum.

LanEsters have become well known as innovative suppliers of high quality fully certified Lanolin. Selected types are AllergyCertified, Vegetarian approved, Cosmos approved and Natrue certified.

Pacifque Sud Ingredients is a laboratory specialized in developing vegetal and mineral substances from French Polynesia.

SPECTRUMS is specialized in products rich in cannabidiol often called CBD and other phytocannabinoids without Delta-9 THC, Delta-8 THC and without THCV.

VAV Lipids is an Indian comapny engaged in producing & supplying a comprehensive range of excipients such as neutral Lipids, natural & synthetic Phospholipids (PLs) and APIs.

News from Premium members


STARCHES AS NATURAL AESTHETIC AND RHEOLOGY MODIFIERS AND AS POWDER BASE ! AGRANA offers natural certified starches according to COSMOS-standard based on corn, rice or tapioca. Also available in ORGANIC !

A new bioactive for ALGAKTIV range

ALGAKTIV BodySKN delivers molecular beauty for firming and remodeling by upcycling arctic microalgae and raising the bar in sustainability ; learn more @ inCos Global B41.

BGG is proud to announce that four key ingredients have been validated to conform to COSMOS standard.

The four products covered by this attestation are AstaZine® Natural Astaxanthin, ApplePhenon® Apple Polyphenols, Glabridin and Licochalcone A. These products attained compliance to the COSMOS version 3.0 standard established in 2018. Thanks to its ecofriendly and unique extractions processes, BGG is the first company to register a highly concentrated Glabridin extract as a 100% physically processed agro-ingredient compliant to COSMOS standard.

How can the beauty industry reignite consumer trust in times of uncertainty?

DOW : At Booth #N50 of in-cos Global, Dow will launch high-performing and sustainable solutions for customers to create ingredients that make consumers feel confident every day.

Infini’tea™ biofunctional makes its debut to the European market

ASHLAND : This unique ultra-fresh tea serum biofunctional is extracted from live Camellia sinensis tea leaves and provides formulators with a solution to restore skin’s peaceful balance.


The laboratory will allow cytotoxicity and efficiency evaluation, of the Cosmetic Extraction Pole of BERKEM actives. The internal development of this activity will deepen the study of various biological studies to decrypt, fully, mechanism actions of the developed products. The acquired scientific expertise will enable BERKEM to communicate around innovating themes and will increase its knowledge in those fields.

Croda was named the winner of in-cosmetics Asia 2019

Spotlight On Transforming Formulations Award, thanks to our ‘Hydrating Green Caviar Jelly Orbs’ formulation. Each jelly orb gives a burst of hydration when it breaks on to the skin.

PENTAVITIN®: new findings!

DSM’s scientists have revealed new findings about skin care active, PENTAVITIN®, to fight against dry skin conditions. It not only nourishes and moisturizes skin, but also increases bacterial diversity.

New Cosmetic Active from CLR: CutiBiome CLR

At in-cosmetics Global in Barcelona this year, CLR Berlin will present its latest innovation, CutiBiome CLR (INCI : Octyldodecanol, Leptospermum Scoparium Branch/Leaf Oil, Piper Nigrum Fruit Extract, Magnolia Officinalis Bark Extract). If you are interested in learning more about CutiBiome CLR, visit us at booth P70.

GELYMA welcomes you booth AD41 during In-Cosmetics Barcelona

GELYMA will launch its haircare and skincare innovations during the upcoming In-Cosmetics Global.
Contact them to plan a meeting !

Evonik invests in start-up that makes animal-free leather-like materials

• Modern Meadow produces sustainable biofabricated materials inspired by leather, meeting consumer demand for animal-free products
• In partnership with Modern Meadow, Evonik is bringing collagen production to commercial scale
• Investment strengthens Evonik’s Health & Care growth engine
Find out more

Phytosterol-rich Guggul Extract with Anti-Aging Benefits

FLAVEX Naturextrakte : Experience the skin revitalizing effects of GlucodOX® liquid, a phytosterol-rich CO2 extract from the resin of the guggul tree. The product has anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating and energizing properties and is recommended for the treatment of degenerative skin conditions and wrinkle formation. Learn more and visit us at Vivanessin Nürnberg and at Cosmetic Business in Munich.

Givaudan Active Beauty unveils RitualEssenz™ Brazil

A new botanical extract collection rooted in Brazilian biodiversity including extracts of Guarana, Jambu and Maté offering skin care benefits (antioxidant and natural botox). More information

IFF | Lucas Meyer Cosmetics new launched products

  • Hydrosella™ : Osmo-hydration to fight against dry skin
    Hydrosella™ is an organic extract from a unique Australian Wild rosella. It acts on the root cause of dryness to provide an immediate moisturizing effect that lasts up to 72h after a single application.
  • Inst’Tense™ : Eco-Designed Flash Skin Perfector
    Inst’Tense™ is a flash beauty perfector composed of concentrated specific honey locust seed polysaccharides, providing high mechanical skin tightening properties.
  • IBR-Dormin® : Holding back time
    IBR-Dormin® captures and transfers the plant dormancy concept to skin cells preserving their youthful healthy function thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles and improving elasticity.

JRS Winner of the COSMEBIO Ingredient trophee with VITACEL CS 5 APPLE

The success of VITACEL® CS 5 apple for this award, is based on the fact that VITACEL® CS 5 apple is a multifunctional natural ingredient entering into circular economy that leads to a new generation of different feeling formula (due to the Pickering structure). It is an opened door to do minimalist formula : less ingredients because VITACEL® CS 5 apple acts as sensory effect and as emulsifier in one ingredient. VITACEL® CS 5 APPLE is a good option for customers working on alternatives to plastic/synthetic emulsifiers.

Laboratoires Expanscience will launch, at in-cosmetics Barcelona (stand AA60), its new ingredient : Number 6

- 6th ingredient in the catalogue derived from Avocado Upcycling.
Following its eco-socio-conception philosophy, Expanscience valuates food-grade avocado by-products and turn it into precious active molecules. Number 6, concentrate of avocado polyphenols, illuminates the eyes thanks to its anti-dark circle & anti-puffiness properties ; It’s the remedy to rough nights, restoring all its glow and vitality to the skin ! In other news, we would be pleased to welcome you at the Sustainability Corner to listen our conference on Wednesday, 1 April at 11am : “No waste in your life, no waste in your cosmetics !

Cosmetic trend is orientated on natural products

Lanolines de la Tossee - Decreasing the number of ingredients is now a must. The solution is found in a natural, sustainable and safe ingredient - 100% natural, lanolin is the ideal ingredient for your minimalist formulations. Choosing our high quality purified lanolins to formulate will give you the opportunity to reduce the quantity of ingredients and formulate Safe. MEET US IN BARCELONA - IN COSMETICS 2020 Formulations available on request !

A new extract of organic alpine rose leaves

MIBELLE BIOCHEMISTRY will unveil at In Cosmetics a natural active ingredient based on an extract of organic alpine rose leaves obtained in a sustainable way which rejuvenates the skin through a novel anti-aging mechanism : by acting as a senolytic.

NATUROCHIM is thinking environment

The line of solid formulas is expending : shampoo, conditioner, moisturizers, make-up removers, highlighter, self-tanning, beard balm… With a high content of NATUROCHIM butters, waxes and oils, these formulas are as good for the body as they are for the environment.

Paramelt’s unique Paracera® N 101

In stick products, the high efficiency of Paracera N® 101, raises the melting point of the formulation at significantly lower dosage levels than conventional melting point boosters, without compromising on pay off and stick hardness.

KERASCALP™ A healthy scalp for a healthy hair

PROVITAL GROUP : For today´s well-being & for tomorrow´s well-aging, we combined ancient ayurvedic secret and advanced botanical research in our latest innovation : KERASCALP™, awakes and energizes the scalp for a shinier and stronger hair.

COSMOS certified organic willow bark extracts

SALIXIN is a world class manufacturer of COSMOS certified fermented organic willow extract made from special willow species. The extract can be used as ingredients in cosmetic products intended for semi pharmacy use ; cosmeceuticals. Salixin grow all the organic willow locally in Northern Jutland, Denmark on own organic fields – full traceability and sustainable production.

Polyfix series: odour absorbers

Schill+Seilacher - Polyfix series of highly effective odour absorbers, based on activated zinc ricinoleate, has been extended with new water soluble concentrate, Polyfix ZRC 25 EC. The new product is environmentally friendly and COSMOS-confirmed.

Seppic offers ocean-friendly polymers!

Marine litter consists of solid plastic materials that do not degrade or degrade very slowly. Expert in polymer technologies, we offer ocean-friendly polymers ! Understand microplastics and their context with Seppic. Click here to discover more

Spec-Chem presents SpecWhite® VCE

SpecWhite® VCE (3-O-ethyl ascorbic acid), a stable water-soluble skin lightening & anti-oxidant agent, can effectively prevent the synthesis of melanin and eliminate free radicals without skin sensitization and irritation.

SPECTRUMS EUROPE is specialized in phytocannabinoids CBD CBG CBC

Our BROAD SPECTRUM HEMP EXTRACT and our ISOLATE powder are innovative active ingredients rich in cannabidiol.Cannabidiol is a natural component of hemp oil, it is a powerful natural chemical compound offering many beauty benefits. Visit us on our booth X38 at In-Cosmetics Global Barcelona, from March 31 to April 02, 2020.

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