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Siltech is a family owned business specializing in the development, manufacturing and marketing of a full line of organo-functional silicone compounds and related products for a wide range of personal care applications. As an Innovation company Siltech has built a reputation of creating novel silicones for customers with new applications. Siltech prides itself on fast customization through partnering with customers on strategic projects to create new and novel solutions. Organo-functional silicones are manufactured at two facilities in Toronto across a broad spectrum of manufacturing capabilities.

Siltech offers solutions for improving various functional attributes such as wetting, conditioning, emulsification, film formation, tactile modification, gloss, and dispersing in cosmetic formulations and specializes in customization to meet customer needs. As silicones continue to play an increasing role in the formulation of new and novel personal care products, Siltech remains committed to lead the development of unique and sophisticated products to support this growing industry.

Type of company : Manufacturer & Supplier
Total turnover : 50m
Worldwide workforce : 150
Date of creation : 1990

Siltech Corporation - Industrial Applications
225 Wicksteed Avenue
M4H 1G5 Toronto

Tel : (+1) 416-424-4567
Fax : (+1) 416-424-3158

Siltech LLC - Personal Care Applications
1625 Lakes Parkway, Suite N
GA . 30043 Lawrenceville

Tel : (+1) [678] 442-0210
Fax : (+1) [678] 442-9624