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The reference database for searching and discovering cosmetic raw materials.

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Targeting a specific Cosmetic Raw Material ?
Optimize your search with the Coptis Ingredients database…

With its powerful search engine, you can quickly access detailed information and technical documents on more than 15 000 cosmetic raw materials.


  • Relevant research by selecting the criteria that match formulators requirements
  • Access to detailed products sheets and supplier information at a glance
  • Sample information/requests by email in a single click sent directly to the supplier
  • 1-Click Export data and technical documents to Coptis Lab formulation tool


Coptis Ingredients lists and describes more than 15 000 cosmetic raw materials under about thirty headings essential for formulators and regulatory departments :

Raw material presentation, functional classification, cosmetic properties, chemical nature, main origins, date of launch, solubility, preserving agents, specifications, formulation conditions, applications, incompatibilities, percentage of use, storage conditions, shelf life, INCI names, regulatory restrictions, CAS and EINECS numbers, efficacy and toxicological data…

MSDS, product files and typical formulations are also accessible as electronic files.

Raw materials are listed by manufacturer in order to guarantee unicity of information.

Distributors are indicated for each country.

Every year more than 1 000 raw materials are added to Coptis Ingredients.

The database also records new manufacturers in each issue.

The "Coptis Newsletter" makes it possible to quickly visualize the latest products arriving onto the market and to discover new trends.


Coptis Ingredients is a unique tool for searching for cosmetic raw materials.

With a search engine capable of combining up to 50 criteria, the user quickly accesses relevant information.
Single searches by INCI name or by CAS number may also be performed.


Products datasheets are organized by theme : cosmetic properties / nature / origin / specifications / formulation / regulation / tolerance / objectivation, which greatly facilitates their comparison.

Each raw material is indexed from a list of key-words, common to all the products.

This organized and standardized presentation allows quick analysis and comparisons of products.

Use: Information Request in One click!

In a few clicks, a "more information and sample" request form may be sent to suppliers by email.

The supplier’s datasheet allows a supplier to be contacted quickly, through the provision of his mailing address, sales contacts, email address and website.

Finally, when a raw material is selected, all the information relating to it may be transferred to Coptis Lab, for immediate use in a formulation.

Keep informed and updated!

Each year, over 1,000 cosmetic raw materials are added to Coptis Ingredients.

The Coptis Ingredients News Headlines and the Coptis Newsletter allow you to quickly view the new launched products on the market and to discover new trends.

More than a database, Coptis Ingredients is a real work tool for formulators and for research and development departments.